FxFoto Standard Edition


Don't downloading, organizing and uploading your photos take so much time that it dampens your photography spirit? Now it won't. You don't need a hundred different tools to accomplish the various tasks involved. Just get this easy-to-use, multi-featured application that does the work of the more expensive tools, and does it in a jiffy. First, use FxFoto to sort and import photos from digital cameras and other sources, such as CDs and memory sticks. Next, organize the pictures according to topic or date. Preview them in a thumbnail view, and create impressive presentations for family and friends in the form of collages and slideshows. You could also improve the quality of your pictures by removing defects and adjusting balances. Finally, add various effects to enhance the look. FxFoto makes creating memories fun, easy and creative — not a chore.

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  1. zein says:

    thwe best software

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