IMsecure 1.5

With the omnipresent threat of crackers and Internet snoops, it's possible for anyone in the world to find out what you're communicating via chat and instant messenger applications, even when you're typing from within the privacy of your home. IMsecure provides privacy protection for popular chat services such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo, as well as for universal chat clients. In addition, IMsecure comes with an ID lock that can restrict the transmission of certain terms, an essential protection against kids and teenagers revealing confidential information to strangers online. IMsecure also helps you avoid unwanted messages and spam. Privacy protection is extended to multiple chat services at the same time. IMsecure is easy to set up and works unobtrusively in the background, so it doesn't require any extra effort to configure and use. Individuals and non-profit organizations may use IMsecure for free.

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