Even the best telephone service providers don't offer all the features that Skype does: reliability, excellent sound quality and a $0-per-minute phone bill. This program works effectively on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Pocket PC. You don't need complex installation manuals and resources to get started with Skype. Just download, register a unique ID and set up an audio headset, and you're ready to call your friends anywhere in the world. Unlike some of the other free Internet telephony services, there's no compromise on the sound quality or security of your calls. Skype provides end-to-end encryption along with instant and easy decryption on the receiving end. This extraordinary application also lets you transfer files, chat and make conference calls. Finally, if you want to place calls to actual telephones, Skype lets you do that, too — there's a fee for this service, but it's generally still less than what long distance services charge.

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  1. You’re dead right about Skype, it is indeed superb.

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