TextWrangler 2


Programmers and webmasters consider a great text editor to be an essential tool in their arsenal. For Mac users who make web sites, TextWrangler is a fantastic text editor — and unlike its $200 big brother BBEdit, feature-rich TextWrangler costs nuthin'.

TextWrangler's Perl-Compatible Regular Expression tool alone makes it golden. Say you've got a list of 1,000 names in last, first format. TextWrangler's find-and-replace function can instantly turn the entire list into proper firstname lastname format. Or, use the multi-file search to change every occurrence of one word to another across an entire folder. In addition to editing files on your Mac, it can open and save text files located on remote FTP and SFTP servers. It also can find the differences between two text files and do plenty more.

Wrangle a copy of TextWrangler

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