A Fast-Paced Multiplayer Tank Game


After a stressful working day, all you need is recreation. You need to blow things up. Try BZFlag, a free, multiplayer, multiplatform 3D action tank battle – think BattleZone meets Capture the Flag. You might want to get your bearings in single-player mode. Then, when you’re ready for a real challenge, connect to an online game server to fight it out with other players. This popular and challenging game is one of the few at SourceForge to reach the million-download milestone. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS X, Linux, BSD, and other platforms.

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5 Responses to “A Fast-Paced Multiplayer Tank Game”

  1. Joyce says:

    I must be really out of it today because I cannot figure out which file to download for Windows XP. If it’s just one file or I have to download all of them.

  2. Cheapie says:

    For XP, you just need one file: http://ftp.bzflag.org/bzflag/bzflag-2.0.2.exe — from the BZflag site, click Download. Under the latest Stable version, there’s a link labeled Windows XP. Click that.

  3. chomenk says:

    very good

  4. tony says:

    this game sounds cool and nice

  5. hjdjh says:

    this game stank

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