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Saturday, May 21st, 2005


Even the best telephone service providers don't offer all the features that Skype does: reliability, excellent sound quality and a $0-per-minute phone bill. This program works effectively on multiple platforms, including Microsoft Windows, MacOS X, Linux and Pocket PC. You don't need complex installation manuals and resources to get started with Skype. Just download, register a unique ID and set up an audio headset, and you're ready to call your friends anywhere in the world. Unlike some of the other free Internet telephony services, there's no compromise on the sound quality or security of your calls. Skype provides end-to-end encryption along with instant and easy decryption on the receiving end. This extraordinary application also lets you transfer files, chat and make conference calls. Finally, if you want to place calls to actual telephones, Skype lets you do that, too — there's a fee for this service, but it's generally still less than what long distance services charge.

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IMsecure 1.5

Friday, May 20th, 2005

With the omnipresent threat of crackers and Internet snoops, it's possible for anyone in the world to find out what you're communicating via chat and instant messenger applications, even when you're typing from within the privacy of your home. IMsecure provides privacy protection for popular chat services such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo, as well as for universal chat clients. In addition, IMsecure comes with an ID lock that can restrict the transmission of certain terms, an essential protection against kids and teenagers revealing confidential information to strangers online. IMsecure also helps you avoid unwanted messages and spam. Privacy protection is extended to multiple chat services at the same time. IMsecure is easy to set up and works unobtrusively in the background, so it doesn't require any extra effort to configure and use. Individuals and non-profit organizations may use IMsecure for free.

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FxFoto Standard Edition

Thursday, May 19th, 2005


Don't downloading, organizing and uploading your photos take so much time that it dampens your photography spirit? Now it won't. You don't need a hundred different tools to accomplish the various tasks involved. Just get this easy-to-use, multi-featured application that does the work of the more expensive tools, and does it in a jiffy. First, use FxFoto to sort and import photos from digital cameras and other sources, such as CDs and memory sticks. Next, organize the pictures according to topic or date. Preview them in a thumbnail view, and create impressive presentations for family and friends in the form of collages and slideshows. You could also improve the quality of your pictures by removing defects and adjusting balances. Finally, add various effects to enhance the look. FxFoto makes creating memories fun, easy and creative — not a chore.

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Mozilla Firefox

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005


If you're still using Internet Explorer, run, do not walk, to download Firefox.

The bookmark features of Firefox alone — such as tabbed browsing and RSS feed viewing — give Internet Explorer a run for its money. Firefox comes built-in Google searching, or you can drag and drop icons to create your own toolbars. The built-in pop-up blocker works great, and the browser itself consumes fewer computer resources than IE.

For ordinary folks, the browser's interface looks more streamlined and intuitive than IE's — but the advanced settings allow hardcore geeks to build XML, CSS, JavaScript, or C++ modules and run a JavaScript debugger or a DOM viewer.

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