Spyware and Adware begone!

Spybot Search & Destroy

Inexplicably, your computer is running slowly, a new toolbar appears on the Internet Explorer browser, or your browser crashes — these are all indicators that your system might be infected with spyware. Some of the most insidious spyware can infect your computer without any symptoms at all, making it difficult to detect. Like mutated insects that are invulnerable to pesticides, spyware programs can become "smarter" than even your strongest antivirus tools. They can stealthily lodge into your computer system and monitor your web browsing behavior — information that can be sold to marketers. Even with symptomless invasions, Spybot Search & Destroy (which is constantly updated to keep up with the latest threats) detects and removes a multitude of adware files, cleans web usage tracks from your computer and fixes some registry inconsistencies and extended reports — great for both regular users and I.T. professionals alike.

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