Sticky Notes for your PC


Are you hooked on Post-It notes? If your desk is cluttered with thousands of little yellow flags, you may want to consider AtNotes. This neat little gem features a digital version of your favorite sticky notes. It goes one step further by making them interactive and customizable. The application takes up only 708kb of hard drive space and gives you the ability to send notes to others on your network. You can easily change the color, size, and font of your notes to match your wallpaper or to highlight important to-dos. Throw in customizable alarms, filing options, and the ability to translate text into any language and you have a tight little program that delivers. Save a tree and download AtNotes, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. BigBirdonCrack says:

    Works great. Love the low system resources it requires and the ability to set transparency on the background.

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