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Most plain text editors don't offer the features that programmers and script coders need — and general-purpose document editors like Microsoft Word create too much feature overhead and complications for this purpose. If you're looking for a solution, check out Notepad++. Like a plain text editor, it's simple, easy to use and fast — but it's designed specifically for editing source code. Notepad++ supports common programming languages and syntaxes running under the Microsoft Windows environment, including C/++/#, Java, XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript, ASCII, ASP, SQL, CSS, Perl and others. Its WYSIWYG interface allows you to define your own syntax-highlighting and -folding keywords, comment keywords and operators — as well as drag and drop elements and print your source code in color. Other features include automatic notification for open documents, zooming, multiple language support, bookmarking, brace and indent highlighting. Overall, Notepad++ is a favorite tool among programmers and script coders.

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