An addictive, action-packed space game


In the mood for an addictive, action-packed space game? How about this: you’re piloting your spaceship through the "Maelstrom" asteroid belt, the "deadliest stretch of space known to mankind." You find yourself surrounded by massive asteroids and pursued by deadly Shinobi fighter patrols. If that's not bad enough, your best friend — as well trained as you are, with the exact same ship as yours and who knows everything about you, including your defense tactics — is piloting a sister ship and decides to fire at your cockpit. Intrigued? The realistic graphics and game intensity will transport you to space.

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  1. Michael Weisensel says:

    Seems this game is no longer availible or has been highjacked. Starts to go to
    but then you are redriceted to
    Should be removed from the list.

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