Step Mania, a free Dance Dance Revolution clone


Step games are all the rage, and Step Mania is jumping on the bandwagon — er, dance pad — with both feet. The application supports games similar to Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, EZ 2 Dancer, and Para Para Paradise. You will need a dance pad, and the site offers step-by-step instructions on connecting a variety of different pads to your computer. The application features cool 3D graphics and visualizations, and is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can download additional songs, announcers, and graphics to keep the game fresh. Want to start dancing? Step to it!

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39 Responses to “Step Mania, a free Dance Dance Revolution clone”

  1. Jer says:

    thats awsome!

  2. julie kolb says:

    if played step mania at my friends its so fun. i love it.but i love ddr more. but untill then i could play step maina anyday!!!!!!!

  3. Annie says:

    can anyone tel me a page where i can download music to step mania?

  4. kristen says:

    stepmania is so fun but i would rather play ddr but i could deal with it until i get ddr on my ps2.
    yeaaah boyyyy

  5. Chris says:

    this game is cool but how do i get songs????!!!First time!??

  6. timmy says:

    how do u get the extreme max 2 songs on stepmania

  7. Miss M. says:

    I’ve played this game for about 2 days now, and I just can’t let go of the computer.. 😀

    StepMania is the most fun game ever on the computer if you like DDR..;)

  8. Miss M. says:

    download songs from following sites:

    download, unpack in same file as the game, and start daaaancing..:)

  9. wong kar yee says:

    where can I download a free ddr version that can be played on a ps2 console? for I only have the dance pad that is for ps/ps2.

  10. edward scott says:

    well,,, i been trying to download stepmania for free,,, but i can ,,,, so i just wanna know how can I downloaded please some one help me!!!!!!!!! 1st time in here>

  11. possum facee says:

    i have had stepmania with a dancepad for about 5 days and im in loooooooooove
    i will lose about 40 pounds a month at this rate ahahahaha

  12. melissa says:

    i can’t find the songs to download help me first time

  13. Cheapy says:

    Instructions on downloading and installing Stepmania songs is here:,_Download,_and_Install_Songs

  14. april says:

    just got dance pad for play station 1 and i am getting crazy where to find cd games which is supposedly included package once you got dance pad. any1 pleaseeee send me link to dowload for free…….

  15. SANDY says:

    can anyone link me a copy of you game by email with all the songs you got on the program at

  16. Lily says:

    well i just have a problem, i went to the official forum to download the 3.0, but i use an asian downloading system, DuDu Speed and i dont understand if that might be the reason..i cant download it…?

  17. Raffi Kiraz says:

    I have Stepmania on my computer!!!

    and i love how i can add up songs.

  18. Journey says:

    lol for those of you who dont know how to get songs just go to the stepmania website:

    Then click on either Stepmix songs, Stepmix 2 songs, or Stepmix 2 [bracket 2] songs. you can download songs individually, or as a package. there are also many other sites you can download songs from. I have about 150 right now but I download more every day.

  19. all you have to do to download songs for stepmania that are from the DDR machines…go to and create an account…then you can download all the songs you want for free!!!

  20. Shawn says:

    someone please tell me how to get those ddr extreme songs on your stepmania, cuz on youtube i see ppl with those types of songs

  21. earvin says:

    If I Have Some Song Already How Can i Put It In My stePmania I dont Kn0w How Thats Why I doNt Have Any SongS And I cOUdnt Play stePmania

  22. Akatsuki_Zetsu says:

    uh i havent played it yet but i will >

  23. mel mel says:

    my boyfrien is totally obsessed with step mania. I’ve watched him play it and he’s freaking AWSOME. IDK how anybody could ever intrperate so many arrows in their head @ once… it’s mega crazy if you ask me. I like 2 watch him play it though.

  24. Shdoknight says:

    This game is great. World of warcraft is cool too!

  25. mat says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Nyu says:

    YAY stepmania, NYU!

  27. milany says:

    i played stepmania it was really fun i loved it alot.

  28. Nat says:

    Where i download it then -.-?

  29. the software is good,and fun,can i a new version step mania

  30. ??????? says:

    How do you play Stepmania ’cause i wanna play it!!:(

  31. ZekeyBobby says:

    OMFG StepMania is the ShizNizz.

  32. Clrxprt says:

    thanks for good game

  33. Wow thanks you so much for this