Free firewall for the masses


A quality firewall doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg — in fact, this one doesn't cost a single dime. ZoneAlarm is an application that will protect your computer from problems caused by crackers, intrusion scripts, and other baddies. Upon installation, you will begin to see alerts each time your computer tries to access the Internet — you can then approve or deny each instance. You'll quickly know whether spyware or other unwanted software is on your computer, and when other computers on the Internet try to access yours. ZoneAlarm also scans incoming e-mail for possible threats, and quarantines questionable files. ZoneAlarm makes your computer invisible to outside attackers — which is a very good thing.

Get Free ZoneAlarm

In addition, you can get ZoneAlarm with Antivirus, a more feature-filled version of the product, for $24.95, free after rebate.

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