Grand Theft Auto 2


First released in 1999, Grand Theft Auto 2 has become a classic, a game that has endured thanks to its unique premise and fun (although not friendly) gameplay. The premise: you're a thug asked to perform various thuggy tasks (little things like car-jackings and so on) to earn cash and reach the next level. Formerly commercial software, the program's publisher has optimized it for play on modern PCs and released it for free. Although it's a few years old, this version offers great graphics and hours of game play. The file is rather large, at 350MB, but is worth the download time. So rev your engines and get ready for some intense game play.

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3 Responses to “Grand Theft Auto 2”

  1. Rachard15 says:

    waaaaat, i cant believe they have these games onlien now free for download….SWEEEET!

  2. jimmy says:

    wow i love this game

  3. israr says:

    grand theft auto 2 is my favourite game.

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