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Free CD Burning App

Wednesday, August 31st, 2005


Burning CDs has just become a lot easier with CDBurnerXP Pro. This free application allows you to burn CDs and DVDs with just a few clicks. You can choose to burn on the fly, and create audio CDs without gaps between tracks. With a wide variety of options, you can make sure your discs are created exactly as you want them. The application supports IDE, USB, Firewire, and SCSI drives. Other features include data verification and ID3 tags, which make this worthy of a look. So if you're ready to get burning, look no further than CDBurnerXP Pro.

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Opera Web Browser: free reg code today only

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005


Today only, Opera Software is celebrating its 10th anniversary by giving away registration codes for its Opera web browser. (This deal has expired.) (It's normally $39.) Opera's a fantabulous web browser: features include a pop-up blocker, RSS newsreader, e-mail client with spam filter, a notes feature, and much more.

Have patience when you go to the site: understandably, the Opera site is heavily loaded — and therefore slow — today. The offer is valid until 12 a.m. Wednesday, August 31 2005 (PDT).

First, get your free registration code
Then, download Opera

Free Mind-Mapping Software

Tuesday, August 30th, 2005


Have trouble organizing your thoughts? FreeMind is a free, open source solution to information overload. The process is simple: you start off with a main theme or idea and then let your mind run free, creating branches of information and web them together to organize your thoughts. The application is great for writers looking to organize their ideas. Trainers, planners, and students love this program and find that it can make their work quite a bit easier. With fun graphics and colors, you can express yourself and make the most of the way that you learn. Everything is printable and customizable, so the sky is the limit with FreeMind.

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Hurricane Katrina: Red Cross

Monday, August 29th, 2005

satellite image
Hurricane Katrina: Donate to the Red Cross

We at Free Download A Day hope that our readers, your loved ones and everyone else in the Gulf Coast region are all right during this extraordinarily severe storm. Our thoughts are with you.

Second, if you'd like to help the displaced, please donate cash to the Red Cross. Cash — as opposed to canned goods and other tangible items — is the most efficient resource for the Red Cross at the moment, and every bit helps. Even $5 can buy someone a meal or two. You can donate cash online via the Red Cross web site, or by phone at 1-800-HELP-NOW (1-800-435-7669).

Free Office Suite for Linux

Monday, August 29th, 2005


If you're one of those folks who uses Linux because you refuse to pay for an operating system, you probably also refuse to pay for an office suite. So look no further than KOffice 1.4. This integrated suite features — take a deep breath — word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, flowcharting, vector and pixel-based image manipulation — take another deep breath, then keep reading — project management, data management, graph drawing tools, formula editors, and export and import filters … and, exhale. All of the applications work together so you can put that graph into your presentation with no trouble. No matter what you want to do, this application can do it. KOffice is open source, so feel free to juice it up or add that one feature that would make your day a bit easier. The system is primarily for Linux, but savvy MacOS X users can install it using Fink.

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A “Little” Like Street Fighter

Friday, August 26th, 2005


Are the Street Fighter series of arcade games part of your gaming roots? Then you'll love Little Fighter 2, an action-packed street fighting game. You can invite all of your friends over — the game supports four human players, and four more computer-based fighters. The graphics are great as are the sound effects. If you get tired of the characters, visit the designer’s website, where you can download new characters and moves to keep the game fresh. So if you have the overwhelming urge to beat the stuffing out of your best friend, go ahead and do it with Little Fighter II.

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Free Space Flight Simulator

Thursday, August 25th, 2005


Do other space simulators leave you wanting more? Orbiter is as close as you can get to the real thing without strapping yourself in a rocket ship. With realistic and beautiful graphics, you can explore the nearest space station or take a trip around the galaxy. The program's emphasis is on realism, with views of space shuttles, space stations, and planets. You'll need a computer with a bit of power to run the program, including a 3D graphics card and at least 60 MB of hard drive space. Learning Orbiter will take a bit of work as well, but there are plenty of manuals to get you started on your space journey. (Even if you don't intend to install Orbiter, at least browse the lovely images in the Gallery section of Orbiter's web site.)

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Free Macro Program for Windows

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005


Wish that you could do more over the course of a day? Autohotkey is a macro tool that can help you make the most of every second at the PC. You can automate just about any task with this gem. This simple-to-use application lets you program your own macros and hotkeys: set up a macro to automate new folder creation, type boilerplate text within documents and e-mail messages, or automate spreadsheet actions. It can also work with the clipboard, automatically close unwanted windows whenver they appear, and remap keys. You can create an Autohotkey action for just about any mouse action or keystrokes. So if you are tired of working your fingers to the bone, enlist the help of Autohotkey.

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Free Personal Information Manager

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005


Whether you are struggling with multiple management programs or are simply looking for something to replace your Outlook calendar, Essential PIM may be for you. This single application can replace a multitude of personal information managers and is very easy to operate. With it, you can store schedules, contact information, to-do lists, and notes. With multi-lingual support and strong data protection features, there isn’t much this program doesn’t do. You can import, export, and print everything for quick and easy access to the information you need. So if you are tired of information overload, get it together with Essential PIM.

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Get More Done, Waste Less Time at the PC

Monday, August 22nd, 2005


How many times have you strayed today? If you are like most, you might have stopped work to play a quick video game, chat with instant messages, read the latest blog entries, and do other fun-but-not-so-productive activities. Temptation Blocker was designed by a programmer with a similar proclivity. You get to pick the programs to disable, set a time limit, and then get to work without access to those distractions. The program prevents you from accessing those programs until you get your work done, keeping you to a deadline. The program is also great for kids trying to get schoolwork done. So if you're tired of missing deadlines, try the Temptation Blocker.

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