Free Space Flight Simulator


Do other space simulators leave you wanting more? Orbiter is as close as you can get to the real thing without strapping yourself in a rocket ship. With realistic and beautiful graphics, you can explore the nearest space station or take a trip around the galaxy. The program's emphasis is on realism, with views of space shuttles, space stations, and planets. You'll need a computer with a bit of power to run the program, including a 3D graphics card and at least 60 MB of hard drive space. Learning Orbiter will take a bit of work as well, but there are plenty of manuals to get you started on your space journey. (Even if you don't intend to install Orbiter, at least browse the lovely images in the Gallery section of Orbiter's web site.)

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14 Responses to “Free Space Flight Simulator”

  1. mike yu says:

    and very nice

  2. jk says:

    how do i dowload it

  3. brian says:

    it hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sarmed says:

    How do i download it?

  5. hello says:

    it doesnt work on ym computer, i meet all the requirments. It doesnt start up when i click the button on the launchpad

  6. pcmaster says:

    i cant find download link

  7. Cheapy says:

    To downlaod it, go to and click the Download link on the left side

  8. erik says:

    good stuff

  9. hassan says:

    very nice

  10. elliot says:

    how do u open it to play it?

  11. Jeff says:

    When I click Lanch Orbiter it doesn’t do anything

  12. chris says:

    jeff u hit the + button to lanch
    make sure u turn with arrow keys or num pad keys

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