A “Little” Like Street Fighter


Are the Street Fighter series of arcade games part of your gaming roots? Then you'll love Little Fighter 2, an action-packed street fighting game. You can invite all of your friends over — the game supports four human players, and four more computer-based fighters. The graphics are great as are the sound effects. If you get tired of the characters, visit the designer’s website, where you can download new characters and moves to keep the game fresh. So if you have the overwhelming urge to beat the stuffing out of your best friend, go ahead and do it with Little Fighter II.

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3 Responses to “A “Little” Like Street Fighter”

  1. Thomas says:

    The game is very good and I like its simple design and layout. Very enjoyable and we are creating a modified version Little Fighter II and it’s in its Alpha stages, check it out @ http://postershare.hostmatrix.org/ !

    Back to the game, my favorite characters are Louis EX and Bandit EX, their hell moves and special attacks can create alot of damage to your opponents.

  2. Nikola says:

    Indeed this is a great game,I’ve played it for about 3 years from now.About modified versiond,go to google,and type:LF2.5Downloads.You should get a link to download it and it is the greatest modification i can think of.

    Anyway,my favourite character is Rudolf.He is a perfect hit-and-run char,with great tools for fighting,runing and with 2 of his skills,he can turn into:whoever he wants(and is alive on the stage).So,i think he can gain a great improvement if he turns into henry because :Stealth+Sonata of death is a deadly combo.
    Anyway,which version is the picture taken from?

  3. Juliana says:

    i love freeze he is the best