Free Office Suite for Linux


If you're one of those folks who uses Linux because you refuse to pay for an operating system, you probably also refuse to pay for an office suite. So look no further than KOffice 1.4. This integrated suite features — take a deep breath — word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, flowcharting, vector and pixel-based image manipulation — take another deep breath, then keep reading — project management, data management, graph drawing tools, formula editors, and export and import filters … and, exhale. All of the applications work together so you can put that graph into your presentation with no trouble. No matter what you want to do, this application can do it. KOffice is open source, so feel free to juice it up or add that one feature that would make your day a bit easier. The system is primarily for Linux, but savvy MacOS X users can install it using Fink.

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