Free Mind-Mapping Software


Have trouble organizing your thoughts? FreeMind is a free, open source solution to information overload. The process is simple: you start off with a main theme or idea and then let your mind run free, creating branches of information and web them together to organize your thoughts. The application is great for writers looking to organize their ideas. Trainers, planners, and students love this program and find that it can make their work quite a bit easier. With fun graphics and colors, you can express yourself and make the most of the way that you learn. Everything is printable and customizable, so the sky is the limit with FreeMind.

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4 Responses to “Free Mind-Mapping Software”

  1. alex says:

    good to check out

  2. peter piper pied says:

    cool stuff, keep at it!!!

  3. leo says:

    how can you download this?i go on that thing…and it only says downloading… for lyk agees