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What's better than a really great program that, through the wonder of corporate acquisition, becomes a really great free program? Nothing is better than that. Oh look, here's an example now: Konfabulator used to be a $19.95 shareware program, until Yahoo bought it up and decided to give it away for free. Konfabulator is a "widget" program — it can do a lot of things, depending on which widgets you install (and there are more than 1,000 to choose from.) These nifty-looking widgets sit on your desktop (or, if you like, float above your other windows) and provide information. There are, for example, an alarm clock, a wireless network finder, system monitors, webcam viewers, and plenty more to choose from. They look great and — if you choose your widgets wisely — can make you more productive. Even if you don't choose them wisely, they'll make your desktop look much cooler. Konfabulator is available for both Windows and MacOS.

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    Thanks, is there one that shows your downloads by any chance?

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    thats cool

  4. Mary Moore says:

    Never knew about widgets till now

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