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Here’s a brand-spankin’ new site to check out: Free Printable Certificates offers 100 certificates that you can download and print. You’ll find award certificates, certificates of appreciation, all sorts of education and job-oriented certificates, even gift certificates to use in your business. The selection ranges from business-y designs to a “no cavities” certificate for children.

Each certificate is available in two flavors: a free PDF version, and a $4 Microsoft Word version that can be customized before you print.

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  2. Samuel King says:

    I think you site is very helpful

  3. dfgdf says:

    great site

  4. Cheryl says:

    thank you for your help

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    Just what I needed. Thanks!

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    ur service is good

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    Thankz very much…got some good stuff

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    EXCELLENT !(very helpful 4 us)

  10. emma says:

    you have the best graphics around

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    magnificent job there!

  12. Can I make a certificate for a completed bible study course?

  13. This could be good for a Bible Study Certificate.

  14. candido says:

    excellent big help for me

  15. Cathy Solon says:

    Please email me templates of all the certificates.

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