Comprehensive English thesaurus & dictionary

Thesaurus and Dictionary Dissatisfied with the pre-installed dictionary or thesaurus in popular office applications? If your quest for the right meaning or the perfect word leaves you with the disappointment of a limited vocabulary and unwarranted frustrations, then turn to WordWeb. You’ll have a lot more words at your disposal.

A slimmed down version of WordWeb Pro, this freeware integrates easily with MS Word and is accessible quickly via its hot-key support or by clicking on the icon in the system tray. Simply highlight a word in a document or Web page, click Ctrl+Alt+W and voila! WordWeb brings up the definition and other helpful information.

With more than 140,000 root words and 115,000 synonym sets in its database, writers no longer have to access other online resources for their requirements. WordWeb also handles proper nouns, pronunciations, usage tags and, although not considered a spell checker, it is capable of suggesting alternatives to common misspellings.

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  1. Helen Bredson says:

    It’s very useful offline tool!
    By the way, as online dictionary for synonyms you can always use free thesaurus dictionary.

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