Batch File Renaming

Batch File Renaming

Now here’s a file management utility that can make life a lot more convenient for all lovers of digital devices, be it digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs and mobile phone cameras. File Renamer Basic, as its rather intuitive name suggests, is a free batch file renaming program that facilitates the renaming of files and folders downloaded from all the aforementioned devices. What's the big deal? You can use it to give your pictures names based on the date rather than the unhelpful names (like IMG_2306.jpg) that your digital camera gives them.

With an interface that is uncomplicated and user friendly, users can easily rename files, specifying prefix, suffix, unique parameters, as well as extensions, right from the main page. Not only can these capabilities be applied to sequential numbers, letters, dates, and file filters, but users can also find or replace text strings. One key feature that is definitely a boon is the option to preview proposed changes before proceeding. Thankfully, File Renamer Basic does provide that option, thereby reducing the probability of any serious mess-ups with file naming.

So, if you are somebody who is prolific in the use of all these gadgets, File Renamer Basic may well come in handy.

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