Create Keyboard Shortcuts with Hotkeys

Hotkeys keyboard shortcuts

“Power users” or “masters of the Control, Shift and Alt keys” — people who seem to have programmed keyboard shortcuts into their fingertips as they deftly move from one task to another — will love the Hotkeys application (others can begin to appreciate the value of shortcuts!)

Hotkeys can be used to launch programs, open web pages, send keystrokes to other utilities, or log-off Windows, among other tasks. Numerous other add-ins add even more substance to the application, such the ability to control the system volume. With support for more than 100 international keyboards, Hotkeys can be used fairly universally. It is also a handy tool for scripting tasks, as users can execute multiple Hotkeys commands sequentially.

But what makes Hotkeys really valuable is that users can afford to forget a shortcut configuration (which tens to happen, right?), and still be able to use it. Just hold the Windows key for a few seconds and out pops an on-screen keyboard showing your configured keys. It is wonderful to have shortcuts at one's disposal without having to remember all of them.

Give your typing fingers a rest with Hotkeys.

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