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Have you ever found yourself linger on at the end of an e-mail message to let out a smile, feel perked up, or quite simply sit back and reflect for a moment due to a small quote appended to the message? Profound or light-hearted, inspirational or romantic, a few beautiful words in the "signature" section of your e-mail messages can make someone’s day, just as it made yours.

Quotes 2006, the latest edition of QLiner’s highly praised freeware, inserts random quotes into the signature file used with your e-mail client, be it Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, or Eudora. You can choose among categories of ready-to-use quotes, and include your own unique quotes in the mix.

Upon installation, Quotes creates a system tray icon where you can gain access to all the program's features. Hover over the icon to display the current quote; or you can click it to view the next one. Adding or removing quotes or categories is easy, so your signature won't go stale. A minor hiccup with uninstalling this utility is that will require the manual removal of the signature file from the e-mail application. But considering the readability that these quotes lend to your e-mail messages, there may not be a reason to do that all.

So, put a smile on a face, inspire someone and make somebody's day.

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