Customizable reminder and task scheduler

Kirby Alarm & Task Scheduler

Do we need another task scheduler and reminder aid? You can’t be blamed for asking that question, considering how ubiquitous these features have become in most personal devices like PDAs, mobile phones, and even wrist watches. But you won't want to miss out on the lovely, customizable features that the Kirby Alarm and Task Scheduler offers. Users have been using it for keeping track of everything from television program times to online poker tournaments, eBay auction endings to medicine schedules.

Like most task scheduler programs, this freeware will pop up a note or play a sound based on user-defined intervals. However, you can also configure Kirby Alarm to run a program or send an e-mail at those times. Another cool feature is the Watch File, which allows the execution of a task based on certain conditions, such as executing file back-ups once virus scans are completed. The user can also set up recurring appointments such as virus pattern downloads, spyware scanner updates, and dental appointments. The options available in setting these reminders–fixed times, defined intervals, frequency, and conditional–add power to this application.

With the Kirby Alarm, you can afford to literally forget about having to remember something to do…

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