Free Magic Tricks

Free Magic Tricks

Here's a great Friday time-waster: Classic Magic, a new site that shows how to perform hundreds of magic tricks. If you've ever thought it might be fun to liven up a party with a trick or two, this site will show you how to pull off dazzling sleight of hand with coins, eggs, and other everyday objects. There are also dozens of card tricks that will impress your friends on poker night. (Or possibly lose you some friends, if they catch you trying the false shuffles and card-up-the-sleeve tricks explained at the site.) All right, so maybe you don't want to try prestidigitation yourself — still. it's fun to find out how hundreds of classic magic tricks are done.

Visit for Free Magic Tricks

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  1. noah says:

    Thanks for the free magic tricks…love the coin soda & scotch trick!

  2. balanagendran says:

    thank you

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