Eliminate Spyware with Yahoo! Toolbar

Yahoo ToolbarFirst there were the browser wars, then there came the search wars (which just keep getting hotter!) and of late we have the toolbar wars — search tools installed on the browser bars. Both Yahoo! and Google have excellent toolbars, and there’s absolutely no harm in having both, because some of the coolest features these two Internet giants launch might first find their home on these toolbars!

Yahoo! Toolbar with Anti-Spy offers the Yahoo! web search by default, with the option for users to limit searches to favorite sites. Other search options including phone listings, news, stock quotes, products, maps, and movie show times (based on zipcode) can be completed via a drop-down menu. You can also add RSS feeds to My Yahoo.

Two things set the Yahoo! Toolbar with Anti-Spy apart from its Google counterpart: the anti-spyware and bookmark features. Anti-Spy is a spyware “assassin” that examines one’s hard drive for dangerous applications, suspicious items, as well as files that need to be placed under close observation. The toolbar’s bookmark feature lets users view and keep track of bookmarks from any PC, and import bookmarks currently stored in IE or Netscape. Though the Anti-Spy add-on bloats the file size of this plug-in, installation is fast and easy; Yahoo! offers a version for Firefox as well.

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