Fifty Levels of Brick-Breaking

JardinainsAtari fanatics who long for legacy arcade games for the PC will enjoy Jardinains, a reincarnation of the much loved Pong and Breakout games, but with a twist. As with the Breakout games of yore, Jardinains features different levels of play, with each level getting more difficult as you advance. But this souped up version goes beyond breaking bricks; it features a level editor, player-by-player statistics tracking, and cheat codes.

Most importantly, developers have added garden gnomes which look (and sound) cute at the outset, but eventually transform into an obsessed enemy that will take advantage of every opportunity to throw flower pots and little potted cacti on you! With the weekend looming, indulge in this much acclaimed freeware that is bound to provide you with a challenging and exciting diversion. The numbers tell a story, don’t they? Over a million downloads and still counting.

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  1. Bobb Miller says:

    Tried to “play” Jardinains, (after I attempted to purchase it), and got a line of “RED” text saing that full functionality was in the purchased version only. That is where my computer froze up!!

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