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Automatically Check Web E-Mail Accounts

Monday, October 10th, 2005


With the proliferation of web-based e-mail services and an almost irresistible tendency to sign up for accounts with multiple e-mail providers, one of the challenges facing account holders is to monitor all these e-mail addresses for new messages. ePrompter promises to ease the pain in maintaining multiple e-mail addresses.

The setup procedure of this auto-updatable software — as newer versions become available, the one on your computer gets updated automatically — is very simple and quick. ePrompter automatically checks and retrieves e-mail messages from up to sixteen password-protected e-mail accounts without the need to launch an e-mail application or visit each web-based mail site. The program sits unobtrusively in Windows' icon tray, in what the developer has dubbed as a rotating tray icon. Each e-mail address can be associated with a color and, if desired, a sound can accompany the flashing icon to ensure that users will be notified of new messages.

Probably the best feature of ePrompter is that users can read, delete and respond to any of their messages with a simple click on the account of their choice. As ePrompter is compatible with AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and countless other e-mail services, a user really doesn’t have to visit any of these sites anymore — at least not to check for e-mail!

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Free Personal Accounting Software

Saturday, October 8th, 2005


Constantly threading the fine line between income and expenses? Consider getting on board this electronic financial planner/manager. AceMoney Lite simplifies personal finance management with an intuitive, easy-to-use power-packed application — an application that can help with your budgeting, spend tracking, review and analysis with support for online banking and e-commerce as well.

Like some sophisticated off-the-shelf accounting solutions, AceMoney can generate income/expenditure reports in over 100 categories (with pie-charts and bar graphs!) It assists you in organizing deposits and withdrawals (sort of an electronic passbook), so you can keep your budget on track. Computing mortgage payments is just as easy with its built-in loan calculator. Most importantly, AceMoney offers a payment notification feature that shows an alert when you start your PC, ensuring that you don’t (unintentionally) miss deadlines for bill payments.

AceMoney Lite is an efficient personal accountant and secretary rolled into one.

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Opera Web Browser: free free free

Friday, October 7th, 2005


We’ve said it before and we hope to say it again: it’s a Good Thing with great commercial software morphs into great free software. And the Opera web browser has done just that. We “sung” Opera’s praises once before when it was free for a day – now the lovely, feature-filled ad-free version is free for good. Used to be $39.

Opera's features include a pop-up blocker, RSS newsreader, e-mail client with spam filter, a notes feature, and much more. And it’s available for just about any operating system you would want to use.

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Simple Video Capture and Processing

Wednesday, October 5th, 2005


There are plenty of software video processors on the market — programs that are complex, expensive, and probably do much more than you would ever need or want. VirtualDub was created as an easy way to do common, everyday video tasks. You can use it to digitize your stacks and stacks of home videos, trim out the uninteresting bits, then process the video and audio tracks. (If you want to do more complex editing, you’ll want to use a separate video editing application as well.) VirtualDub has dozens of user-designed filters to help spruce up your videos. The program will help clean up your captured video with ease.

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