Permission-Based E-mail Filter

ChoiceMail Permission-Based E-mail
At first look, you would call it a spam filter, but it is positioned as a ‘permission-based e-mail management system’. While that's a mouthful, ChoiceMail gives the user complete control over who he or she receives e-mails from and what type of e-mail is deemed acceptable. A differentiating factor from typical spam filters is that it offers both ‘whitelist’and ‘blacklist’ options, which means that you can set your POP e-mail program to bar entry of emails from blocked addresses (like most e-mail spam-blockers would do), as well as allow delivery of e-mail from approved whitelisted senders.

When in doubt as to the authenticity of a message from an unknown address, ChoiceMail’s secure challenge/response functionality lets you “bounce” e-mail back to senders for verification. On the downside, this freeware tags outgoing messages to indicate you use ChoiceMail Free (there’s hardly any freebie that doesn’t capitalize on such promotional opportunities!), and it can only be used on one POP3 account. Advanced users might want to upgrade to ChoiceMail One, which blocks spam to web-mail clients like AOL, Hotmail, MSN, and Yahoo also.

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  1. eck says:

    great program- i still use it and it does everything it says.
    i bought the pro version, but i would recommend NOT purchasing it. use the free version instead. i do believe it is no longer in development. there has not been an update or upgrade for over 2 years.

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