Power Searching with Google Toolbar for FireFox

Here’s power surfing for you: a combination of one of the fastest growing web browsers with the most popular search engine. Like chocolate and peanut butter, this new download is two great tastes that taste great together: the FireFox web browser and Google Toolbar.

Mozilla Firefox is slowly but steadily gaining mass acceptance since its introduction in November 2004—a recent study by web analytics firm OneStat places Firefox’s share to be about 11.5%– and Google Toolbar was one of the most highly anticipated add-ons to this browser.

Toolbar for FireFox features Firefox-only capabilities such as customization and Google Suggest. Users can add, remove, and rearrange Toolbar buttons by using the View menu. They can also combine Toolbar buttons with the Firefox browser buttons if they choose to. The Google Suggest is similar to “predictive texting” feature of mobile phones; as one keys in text to the Toolbar text box, Google Suggest offers a list of similar keywords in real time.

In addition, Google Toolbar for Firefox also includes easy access to some of Google's best features. New features such as WordTranslator, AutoLink, and Spellchecker can reduce your dependence on tools such as Altavista’s Babelfish and dictionary.com. Of course, the Toolbar also has ‘must-haves’ such as a Pop-Up Blocker and PageRank Display.

Download Google Toolbar for FireFox

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