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If you're the type that likes to write a daily diary or journal, but want to keep it private rather than let your thoughts float around in ‘blogosphere’ , iDailyDiary is an ideal application for you. Consider it a private desktop blogging tool.

Pretty slim at a mere 1.4 MB, iDailyDiary is a fully-encrypted, password-protected digital diary that allows you to write daily notes or create journals in lieu of a paper diary. Unlike many paper diaries, you get the option to have 'multiple pages' for the same day, so that you can chronicle a rather eventful day in all its vivid detail without being constrained by space. It is fully searchable, which allows you to look up previous entries, and also supports Unicode. Its “rich text” editor allows you to insert images and hypertext links to websites or to other pages in the diary. If you do decide to create your own web log, iDailyDiary’s “export to HTML format” will turn your thoughts into web pages. However, if you want to export your entire diary, you will need to upgrade to the professional version.

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3 Responses to “Keep a Private Diary”

  1. deea says:

    this is exactly what i was looking for…i love so much this program…!thankc god is exist1and of course thanks to you.kiss

  2. babygirl says:

    Wow, this is awesome!

  3. I think “programs” are already dead. Online apps are what is all going all about these days. I use Daileez, where you can write you diaries in form of icons – cool!

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