A Serene Screen Saver

Enjoy floating bubbles on your screen

Back to basics—that seems to be the underlying theme with the Bubbloids screensaver. Bubbloids features a collection of 3D-rendered images with bubbles floating gently over them. You can customize your bubbles, setting the number and size of bubbles, and selecting backgrounds from the collection that comes with the freeware (including themes such as Jungle, Desert, and Spring) or loading your own images. The program features password protection and adjustable speeds (you don't want your bubbles to float by too fast, now, do you?) This screensaver should appeal to the child in you (and those around you) with the stunning graphics and realistic reflections seen through floating transparent bubbles on the monitor. Bubbles floating around gently somehow conjures an almost thereapeutic sense of serenity. Enjoy the experience.

Download Bubbloids

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