Share your World with Grouper


Controversies notwithstanding, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks continue to rise in popularity. Grouper is one such program, providing a well-designed (though intimidating to first-time users) interface where users can safely swap music, video clips, and images over a private P2P network. Though still in beta testing, Grouper allows users to share any file (well, almost) regardless of size. It can also function as a chat room that can accommodate up to thirty chat mates at any one time. If you need a media player, Grouper does that as well.

A word of caution though — in an effort to keep the RIAA off its back, the developer has disabled the option to share MP3 files. Nonetheless, MP3s are not the only files meant to be shared, and Grouper is a great choice for passing on photos, film clips and documents to your friends. As the publishers of the software say, get the software because "your life is worth sharing".

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