HiJackThis and Eliminate the ‘Spies’


Does your computer bog down regularly due to spyware despite your unending efforts to clean up your system? Find comfort in HiJackThis, the latest weapon unleashed by developer Merijn in its fight against spyware and other forms of malware. Simply click on the “Scan” button to generate a log of suspicious software, including browser add-ons, buttons, and startup items. To delete unwanted items, select flagged items and hit the “Fix” button. The software can be programmed to create a backup of original settings as well as ignore selected folders or areas in the drive.

A word of warning though: HijackThis lists the contents of key locations in the registry and hard drive – areas where both legitimate programs and malware can be found. This freeware is designed for advanced users who are able to inspect, distinguish and remove items on their own. Novice users might want to perform additional research online or post their findings on spyware forums to identify unwanted installations. Nonetheless, HijackThis makes a welcome addition to the arsenal of spyware identification tools.

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