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Skype might legitimately stake a claim to be the VOIP leader, but don’t ignore the dark horses. VOIPBuster is one such new VOIP application that offers stripped down, barebone calls to any phone in 21 countries for as long as you want to talk, practically free. We're talking about calling actual phone lines (not just other people with Net-connected computers) for a low one-time free.

Setup is a no brainer; simply download and install the application, sign up for an account, buy ten Euros worth of credit (about $11.74, using your credit card or PayPal) and you’re done. As long as you stick to calling the countries in the free list (which includes the United States, Canada, UK, and Germany), your credit won't dwindle, so you can talk all you want. Though Skype features such as conference calling, instant messaging and presence information are not available, with the excellent voice call quality that VOIPBuster offers at incredibly low rates, it pays to overlook some of these nice-to-haves.

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5 Responses to “VOIPBuster: Talk Unlimited”

  1. Ron says:

    Where can I find a list of countries in the service plan for this VOIPBuster?

  2. Cheapy says:

    The list of free countries, and rates for non-free ones, is at http://www.voipbuster.com/en/rates.html

  3. BS says:

    LIARS. After 60 mins they claim that you have exceeded the fair use policy and begin to charge u even for calls to the US or canada WITH more than 20 euro’s in your account. LIARS!

  4. hiawatha says:

    hello ppl, i i am trying to install voipbuster on ubuntu.
    On the http://www.voipbuster.com i see download for ox/linux users but i dont get any downloads.. any suggestions?
    regards, R

  5. Dishonest Policy says:

    These fair use police are totally unclear, they say you have 300 a week, but if make 3 phone calls for less than hundred minutes, the inmediatelly star chargin you the normal rate. So you never enjoy their so call 300 minutes a week. This is not true that keep their policy. at the other hand, my mother call only once a week for less than a 100 minutes and she is not charge. The truth is that they dishonest in their policy. Their is no way to talk with no one the problem you are facing, they wont even answer your emails & their is no one to reach by phone. They surely cannot compete with Skype, impossible.

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