Create Your Own Music with LMMS


If you are the kind with more than a passing interest in creating your own brand of music fusion, consider the Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) mixing software. Install this on your machine and you would have almost converted your room into a mini-recording studio.

Like any good mixing software, LMMS allows you to create cool loops, synthesize and mix sounds and arrange the tracks. LMMS integrates the features of a tracker/sequencer-program (pattern/channel/ sample/song/effect-management) with those of powerful synthesizers and samplers on a sleek yet easy-to-use GUI. Beginners may want to go through the demo projects for some useful tips.

LMMS is still a work in progress and users are likely to find an occasional bug. Moreover, hardcore audiophiles will most likely contend that remixes using real hardware synthesizers will sound better than software-generated ones. Nonetheless, you can definitely impress your friends with your very own home-made electronica, without spending a dime on the hardware.


13 Responses to “Create Your Own Music with LMMS”

  1. stellamitchell says:

    i like to have a look around

  2. Matt says:

    hey so i really like the site

  3. kerryh says:

    pretty AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. tony weatherup says:

    thank you

  5. Shoot I lost my ? KA KA! says:

    I havnt done anything

  6. Matt.b says:

    How do u download the actual LMMS?

  7. ashley says:

    how do you downloadit

  8. shade says:

    its cool software but still far from FL, but its still the best free sequencer i know. its simple and fun. no confusing feature at all. but be carefull, it’s not a very stable software, keep save your project frequently.

  9. cisco says:

    i want to make magic music

  10. prasanta says:

    its nice.

  11. Charlie says:

    how do you download it

  12. Tyler says:

    Ok, Just wondering does it include music loops and all that? I have downloaded one and nope it said it did but it did not.

  13. Invoker says:

    Great!! And Thanks!

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