Secure File Sharing with FolderShare


FolderShare is a part desktop-based and part web-based program that facilitates file movements between PCs connected to the web.

To use the service, you will have to install the freeware onto the primary PC and create an account. In addition, a small client must be installed to other PCs that will link to the primary PC. Moreover, all arrangement, sharing and synchronizing of files require a visit to the FolderShare website. While all this may seem quite cumbersome, file transfers are quite easy. The FolderShare website has intuitive functionality, and unlike other similar applications, it gives a bit more leeway in terms of which files and folders will be shared and synchronized.

Rest assured on the security front since data is authenticated and encrypted, whether you're sharing, synchronizing or downloading files.

The free version is quite useful, but small and medium-sized businesses might want to upgrade to paid versions that offer advanced capabilities (such as snapshots) and huge file transfers.

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  2. Alexia says:

    Have you tried Diino? I must say it is a bit different. Diino the easy client makes it must faster and easier toe share files and folers with 2048 encryption! Try it

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