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One of the consequences of the tendency of computer “power users” to open up multiple applications and browser windows simultaneously is the ‘unoptimized’ use of computer memory that often goes unnoticed (even after the applications are closed, some of the memory still remains “in use”). While the resultant slowing down of the machine is usually taken for granted, the problem can be easily solved (and for free, in fact!)

This is where an effective memory optimizer like FreeRAM XP Pro provides its value: by unclogging the RAM bottleneck for faster computing. Its distinctive AutoFree feature enables the software to clear out data that is no longer useful from the RAM without affecting memory still used by applications. It shows current records of your system’s RAM usage, and reports on previous optimizations performed. Both manual and auto-mode optimization settings are available.

While the user interface looks incongruent with the times, FreeRAM XP Pro is still highly recommended for home and professional users, as well as advanced gamers who are always lusting for some extra horsepower for their systems.

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  1. Spoffin says:

    Love this utility. Everything goes faster and crashes less, and, as if that wasn’t enough, you get a little icon in the corner of your screen that tells you how much free RAM you have! Its one of those things that makes you feel just that much more in control of your computer.

  2. ProITGuy says:

    All of these RAM “freeing” softwares are junk. XP’s memory management has been totally revamped from prior versions, and as an IT professional I can tell you you’re wasting your clock cycles installing software of this nature.

  3. AndrewM says:

    Also an IT professional, but a little less pissed off than ProIT. ; )
    Just thought I would take the time to let you know, he is right. These type of software apps are very unneccesary for Windows XP.
    RAM is now handled the same way that disk space is, namely- things will be kept in memory until another application needs that memory, at which point it will be “freed” and allocated to the active app.
    You may be using 95% of your RAM, but basically it’s still free to be used by any application that is needing it, since you can only have so many ACTIVE apps and processes at one time.
    The reason I’m taking the time to say this, is because having the RAM “free-er” software running will take up more memory and page file space all to do absolutely nothing except make you think you are optimizing your machine. And even just having it installed as another app (even if it’s not in use) is a waste of space and loadtime, albeit fairly insignificant because it’s such a small app.
    I just figured I would enlighten you instead of demeaning you all and telling you it’s garbage software. But, everything he said is right.

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