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Feel the Heat of Battle with Advanced Strategic Command

Friday, January 20th, 2006


Advanced Strategic Command is a free, turn-based strategy game: players can battle against other humans in multiplayer mode over the Internet or through a LAN. Or, you can go solo and duke it out against the computer in a single-player campaign. This freeware is heavily inspired by the successful “Command and Conquer” PC games, where players can manage various types of soldiers and tanks as well as build factories that produce new units.

Distributed under the terms of the Gnu General Public License, the future of this game has been left in the hands of, well, the general public. As a result, graphics are a bit outdated and there is no game demo, tutorial or tech support whatsoever. Nonetheless, almost anybody can get the hang of the game pretty fast and enjoy the experience. It is svailable for both Windows and Linux.

Download Advanced Strategic Command

Sharing photos from mobile phones made easy

Thursday, January 19th, 2006


Whoever said photo sharing online using a mobile phone is a hassle, if not impossible? The ShoZu application is cool freeware that lets you share photos with the world from your mobile phone via Flickr, Webshots and Textamerica, ensuring that you are only a few clicks away from giving others a look at your photos. You can also post videos and text online using your mobile phone.

ShoZu supports most Symbian devices (the complete list is here) — the installer can be downloaded via a link that is sent through a text message (SMS).

Once activated, ShoZu gives you the option of uploading to Flickr each time you take a photo. You may also save photos to the ShoZu application for upload at a later date. As you would expect, you can add a description or tag to each image as well. If you don't wish to upload photos online and decide to share your photos with a much smaller audience instead, ShoZu lets you send images by email directly from the mobile phone to contacts in your address book.

Download ShoZu