Sharing photos from mobile phones made easy


Whoever said photo sharing online using a mobile phone is a hassle, if not impossible? The ShoZu application is cool freeware that lets you share photos with the world from your mobile phone via Flickr, Webshots and Textamerica, ensuring that you are only a few clicks away from giving others a look at your photos. You can also post videos and text online using your mobile phone.

ShoZu supports most Symbian devices (the complete list is here) — the installer can be downloaded via a link that is sent through a text message (SMS).

Once activated, ShoZu gives you the option of uploading to Flickr each time you take a photo. You may also save photos to the ShoZu application for upload at a later date. As you would expect, you can add a description or tag to each image as well. If you don't wish to upload photos online and decide to share your photos with a much smaller audience instead, ShoZu lets you send images by email directly from the mobile phone to contacts in your address book.

Download ShoZu

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