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Free Printable Recipe Cards

Friday, April 28th, 2006

baked bread recipe card

Back in the early days of personal computers, some marketers were pushing the idea of the Computer In The Kitchen. The idea was that you'd put your expensive Apple II or Commodore 64 in the kitchen as a glorified recipe card file. Even today, with cheap laptops, the idea seems silly — who wants their Apple II or the Dell laptop splattered with tomato sauce? There's nothing wrong with a low-tech recipe card.

So while there won't be a computer in our kitchen any time soon, there's no reason you shouldn't use your computer to create great-looking recipe cards. The web site Free Printable Recipe Cards offers more than 50 recipe card designs in PDF format that you can download and print. They're available in 3×5 and 4×6-inch formats, the two most popular recipe card sizes. Find some heavyweight paper and print out a few sheets of recipe cards. (And when they get splattered with tomato sauce, you won't mind so much.)

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Plasma Pong

Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Plasma Pong

You've played Pong before, but never like this. Plasma Pong is a whole new take on the classic video game. The gameplay takes place in a fluid-like plasma environment — the colors swirl and flow as the ball pings around the screen. There's a whole new angle on the gameplay, too: your paddle can magnetcally attract and repel the ball to confound your opponent. You can play against another human or the computer, and there's a global online high-score chart. And if you want, you can turn off the game and just play with the game's fluid dymanics.

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