The Internet saves TV For Democracy!


The Participatory Culture Foundation is a small group of peoople dedicated to to building an open and democratic television platform. Television is moving online; they worry that "it will be the same narrow, top-down cultural stagnation that we see on traditional television". All the major media and computer companies are clamoring to control video online; the Foundation feels that if they succeed it will be a disaster.

Therefore, they've started up the The Democracy Internet TV Platform. This consists of four segments: the Democracy Player for watching videos in full-screen mode on your PC; the VideoBomb, for sharing videos, creating personal video channels, and filtering up the best videos online; the Broadcast Machine, for publishing channels (RSS feeds) of video from your website; and the Channel Guide, an open listing of internet TV channels which greets you when the Democracy Player starts up. The software supports dozens of video formats, the idea being that making them available to everyone will ensure that nobody can lock viewers into any one of them. Both Windows XP and Mac versions are supported.

For the viewer: you can download videos from as many channels as you want, either manually or in full automatic mode; view them when you want; and retain them as you see fit. Everything is controlled by the viewer; there ae dozens of option settings. For the creator, there is the Broadcast Machine which allows you to create your own channel, with your own material, for viewing by others subscribing to the Platform; it is equally versatile.

The Foundation is a registered charity and the software is open-source under the GPL.

The Democracy Internet TV Platform

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