User-Generated Sites with Instiki

One of the fastest-growing properties on the Internet is Wikipedia, a testament to the power of the user-generated (and maintained) web sites. Since the introduction of the original Wiki Wiki Web, a lot of open source Wiki implementations have been developed. One such program — one that's particularly easy to setup and pleasant to use — is Instiki.

Since Instiki is Ruby-based, it runs on all platforms that Ruby does, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It is extremely easy to set up, especially on Mac OS X. Installation involves just two steps (install Ruby, run instiki.rb) by using WEBrick, a web server, and Madeleine, a persistence layer. These apps ship with the standard distribution of the programming language. Aside from its user-friendliness, this powerful Wiki engine loaded with features: pluggable markup syntax, RSS feeds, keyboard shortcuts, and lots more. Simply put, Instiki is a webmaster's delight.

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