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If you have a Yahoo! account, a TV, and a PC, you can combine them all to view anything you have filed on Yahoo! on TV, and view music and movies from the 'Net. You can also record TV programs on your hard drive for later viewing.

The service is Yahoo! Go for TV. PC hardware requirements are quite modest: at a minimum you will need Windows 2000; a 600 MHz CPU with 128 MB RAM; and 40 MB free disk space. If you want to run the optional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) you'll need Windows XP; a 1 GHz CPU with 512 MB RAM; 40 MB free disk space, plus 20 GB or more for TV recordings; and a TV tuner card. (It won't run on a Mac). Various tuners are supported but not all. The service doesn't interfere with regular TV use or with other packages such as Tivo (as long as you have more than one video feed port on the TV).

You can view your Yahoo! Photos and those of your friends' that you have access to; new photos that you want to view have to be uploaded to Yahoo! first, which seems a bit superfluous but will certainly work. Videos can be found on the 'net using the search function (to which you can add content filters). Movies are available by setting up the "My Theatres" list. Music is available through the free Launchcast service. And finally you can record TV programs from any TV provider as you see fit.

This is a "beta" status program and Yahoo! cautions that there are known problems and that they are soliciting user feedback. The program is only available in the continental U.S.

The tool is aimed for the not-too-technically-savvy user and may well be interesting for the power user.

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  1. Cheapy says:

    The Y! Go for TV group launched an improved beta version of its service with a number of new features such as the ability to view personal Flickr photostreams, movie recommendations and more support for a bunch of new tuner cards.

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