MSN Messenger beware – aMSN is here!


Microsoft Messenger is a well-known and popular instant messaging program. It is supported and works well nearly all of the time. So why a clone? Well, presumably there are those who want more than Microsoft is willing to put into its product or or who are less willing to pay Microsoft's price (both in money and control). Thus there is "Alvaro's Messenger clone – aMSN".

The product presently is up to snuff on Windows and MacOS systems, and Linux versions are very much in the works. As well as the laundry list of built-in features, plugins of all sorts can be applied to change the behaviour of various functions or add tnew ones, and the program's appearance can be redone with the various "skins" offered. The system is free, but solicits donations. There are at least two forums — one each for Windows & MacOS users — and adventurous folk are invited to download the latest, most "bleeding edge" prerelease versions to have a go themselves.

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  1. yehia says:

    thank for this program

  2. MIAN RIZWAN says:

    this very good program

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