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So you've got your iPod and you've had lots of fun loading it up with all the music you want. Usually, music only goes on way: into the iPod — you can't get the tunes out again. There are times when you might want to transfer music from the iPod to a Mac: If, for instance, you want to copy your music collection from your iPod to the office Mac, or (heaven forbid) your home Mac crashes and takes your entire music collection with it.

With Senuti, you can retrieve all the music on your iPod and save it and sort it any old way you like. If you're preferring to be selective but don't remember the title, you can play the likely candidates (on your Mac, that is) and pick the right one. Your playlists are equally retrievable and modifiable. Finally, there's an option to selectively load songs that you file on your computer to the iPod.

Senuti only works on a Mac (MacOS X version 10.3 or better). Support is via blog, and there's downloadable source code. The site claims that this is the ONLY such utility: that may or not be true but it's definitely worth looking at.

("Senuti" is not a Japanese word. Spell it backwards and see what you get!)

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10 Responses to “Transfer Music From iPod to Mac”

  1. huacho says:

    Thnk you

  2. Paul Gibson says:

    Sounds like something I’d like
    to try

  3. Doug says:

    Hope this works!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jason says:


  5. poquonock says:

    THIS WORKED!!! My computer crashed so it was amazing getting the music of my ipod!!

  6. Mike L says:

    Senuti works great! My Imac crashed and over 6000 songs, only 800 bought from itunes(which did sync ok back with itunes), was trapped on my ipod. I was in tears nearly, Senuti to the rescue saved my music library and many hours from having to reupload them again from CD.

  7. Leslie says:


  8. Luis says:

    Works Perfectly , it’s a shame it is only a 30 days trial

  9. anderry says:

    It’s really helpful! Thank you !

  10. jon fitz says:

    great response love the software

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