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Computer-based dictionaries, spell-checkers, and thesauruses (thesauri?) are nothing new — after all, they come with the poplular word processors or can be acquired as add-ons. Independent products are available also: this is one of them.

Everest Dictionary's coverage is extensive: dictionaries are available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Romanian, and Bulgarian. There are several specialized dictionaries, too: medical and technical words, Biblical names, synonyms and antonyms, "hypernyms and holonyms", the French Larousse, and (intriguingly) "English Romanian proverbs", among others. Translation dictionaries are also supported. There are 37 in all at present.

In action, all the standard vocabulary capabilities are implemented. As well, the Everest Dictionary supports instant translation within most Windows applications by use of a special keystroke combination; instant translation of given words; and instant, complete translation of the clipboard. There's a glossary section that the user can update and make available to the world. There's even a voice component to pronounce English words!

Support is by a help file and forums. The author, Daniel Vladutu, invites comments, suggestions and donations; he also states that e-mail support is no longer available due to the number of viruses and the constant barrage of spam that have come to his support site..

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