Ares P2P: Use the god of war to share


Here is another peer-to-peer service to check out for your file-sharing and peer communications wants: ARES P2P supports a library organizer so that you can classify your files any way you want — into audio or visual, for instance, and subcategories within each; multisource downloads — the program finds multiple sources and downloads from them all simultaneously, which can really super-power your download speed; a chat room service so you can create your own channel or participate in others; and a file viewer and audio player which can operate during downloads.

The Ares project is licensed under GNU and runs on Windows. While the Ares team doesn't provide support via e-mail, it does have a FAQ and has links to several relevant forums. The site includes a very useful information page describing the privacy and safety issues that users may want to consider, along with guides on protecting one's own data and privacy.

All in all, ARES will serve you very well. Just have lots of disk space available so that you can save each and every one of the 12 billion songs now out there in cyberspace!

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