Combine PDF files on MacOS X


It’s a mystery where these sites come up with their names. What does “Monkeybread” mean?! Well, whatever it may mean, the important thing is what it contains: in this case, lots of Mac utilities. The one being reviewed here is called simply “Combine PDFs” because that’s what it does.

The site is German and the text, although in English, is obviously by a non-native English writer. Still, it’s enough to work out what goes on: you drop PDF’s or picture files on the application; re-order or drop the pages as you see fit; add or change the meta-information such as titles, and save the whole under a new name. It’s cautioned that the final combination process may take a while.

The current version is at 2.1; it’s written in Realbasic and the source code and the application are available from the page. It’s recommended that all pages created by this utility be checked out carefully, as older PDFs may have errors which can’t be coped with. PDFs created by Windows applications may work, but there may be incompatibilities (“Microsoft does not include such nice PDF libraries.”)

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